Kinesiology Taping

The bright tape thats making a bold statement


Kinesiology taping is the current buzzword in the field of manual therapy, this brightly coloured tape is a common sight amoungst all the major sporting events from the Olympics, Wimbledon, Tour de France, Football World Cup to the Commonwealth Games.

How does Kinesiology taping work?

Any type of injury or trauma to the body will set off the body's natural protective mechanism known as the "inflammatory response". The main signs of this response are pain, swelling, heat, redness and restriction of movement.

The tape will feel more comfortable, and because of this will limit the amount of muscle wastage which in turn decreases compensatory patterns through the body and kinectic chain functioning.


It will encourage blood flow to an area, enhancing afferent sensory stimulation allowing you to continue (if allowed by practitioner) with a training schedule as deemed most beneficial with any given injury or dysfunction.


One of the main benefits that can be associated to Kinesiology taping is that it can be worn up to 5- 7 days, you can wear it in the bath and shower, you can go swimming with it still applied, you can continue as normal as you like with your current training regime and it will still produce the same benefits as day one - Go ahead and try it if you dont believe me


It also promotes and enhances full range of movement to the wearer, not limiting range of movement like the older conventional tape previously used in treatment and rehabilitation.