As with all treatments and techniques, we need to individualise them and adapt them to our own style of working. Many techniques can be used as stand alone or utilised together to get the best response for the client.

Many of these techniques have come from working within professional sports for over 13 years and now will be used to get you back to full fitness as soon as possible.


All missed or cancelled appointments will require atleast 48hrs notice or will incur a FULL cancellation fee of the Treatment missed or cancelled.


I'm sorry but I do have other clients needing appointments.


​Kinesiology Taping​​​
Kinesiology Taping​​​
Kinesiology taping provides support to injured muscles and joints whilst still allowing safe and pain-free movement.
Potentially increasing circulation, reducing pain and correcting mechanical dysfunction.

Available in a variety of colours, allowing the athlete to wear for between 5 - 7 days for maximal benefit.

​Deep Tissue Massage - ​​60 mins  £40​
​Deep Tissue Massage

A deeper more concentrated technique, based on alleviating the muscles of tension and increasing blood flow to the area.

Leaving you more relaxed and less lethargic and tired within your muscles.

​Swedish Massage ​​- 60 mins  £38
​Swedish Massage

A treatment based on slow, light and rhythmic techniques, that is centred around relaxation and de-stressing of the body's muscles.


An all round favourite for clients who feel tense, stressed and find it hard to relax.

Injury Specific Treatment -​​ 60 mins £42
Generalised Injury Specific Treatment​​

General injury specific treatments for general muscular pain & dysfunction, including initial consultation and Rehabilitation advice.


May include Kinesiology taping, Functional Cupping, Dry needling and Gait analysis -


​Myofascial Cupping
Myofascial Cupping
Fascial cupping is best utilised in a de-compressional sense, alleviating the connective tissue structures of the body, allowing a freer more fuctional role within the body.

Also by removing stagnant waste and toxins from the body's tissues, thus allowing for a quicker recovery from exercise.

​Sports Massage - ​​60 mins  £42​
Sports Massage

Not nessecarily for the Sports orientated, used as a quick, refreshing treatment to stimulate and balance the muscles of the body.


Usually body part or Injury specific.

Can be used before or after events & competitions.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is based on Trigger point therapy, (A hypersensitive area within a muscle, characterised by pain which is familiar to the client) where a thin filament needle is gently inserted into an area of pain and dysfunction (knot).

This is then either rotated or left for a short period of time, where it will create the reduction of tightness and dysfunction within the area allowing the release of tightness and toxins.