Myofascial pain and Trigger points (TrPs) are easily the most commonly overlooked and ignored causes of both acute and chronic sources of pain today.


Dry Needling (DN) either Superfiscial (SDN) or Deep Dry Needling (DDN) is an invasive procedure that poses certain risks, in part due to the nature of inserting a small needle into the body's tissue's. DN is the use of a small, solid filament needles for treatment of reducing tension within bands of taut muscle fibres.


Dry needling targets muscle tissue, and its nerve connections, so any conditions where muscle pain or tightness is an issue could potentially benefit. This may include such things as neck tension, headaches, back pain, tennis- golfers elbow,  knee pain (ITB friction syndrome), restricted shoulder movement or shin-lower leg pain.


Dry needling is very safe technique for most people. The needles are very fine, and you barely feel them go in. Once the needle is in, clients can sometimes feel a dull aching sensation; others feel not much at all. On occasion the inserted needle may cause a small muscle response (twitch), which is a good sign that the needling will have a positive effect on enhancing the relaxation the muscle.


Dry Needling as a technique differs greatly from that of Acupuncture as it is used more specific to the clients presenting symptoms and referring pain episodes.


Please talk through any concerns you may have prior to the use of Dry Needling if you are unsure of its nature within your traetment. It is a very safe practice if the therapist is fully trained and skilled within its use.